You Have Always Counted

For my Final Project for this class I decided to branch out into another of my fandoms and nerdiness than I have previously shown. I decided to create a story using the characters Sherlock and Molly from the BBC tv show called Sherlock; but you need not have seen the show to follow this story. Here goes, I hope you guys like it…

In the Beginning, their relationship was purely about work. She worked in the morgue and he was a consulting detective for Scotland Yard, so essentially she discovered how/when they died and he handled the  why/where/and by whom. Then slowly their relationship started to change, to grow. Molly found the courage to start asking Sherlock out for coffee or the like but he never seemed to understand what she was saying, but he was like that, he didn’t know much of anything about social activities other than what helped him in his work; it’s not that Molly couldn’t appreciate this, she only had a cat at home so its not like she was high up on society terms.


So Molly decided to try and go out on other dates with other men, none of this ever panning out the way she wanted. They were never him, never Sherlock; but Sherlock wasn’t interested and Molly kept her feelings to herself.


Molly and Tom

Then something….changed. Sherlock became more friendly, more human in his emotions. Sherlock started to bring Molly coffee for a change. Sherlock eventually told Molly that she counted, she mattered, and he even apologized for taking so long to realize it.


As the years passed and Sherlock and Molly grew even closer and stayed together, she often wondered, was there relationship just a working one?

Sherlock and Molly

or was it always something more?

Sherlock and Molly 2


Then she would look into his eyes as he explained his recent findings to her, whether they be for a case or for his own or their own research, and think to herself that it was always more.



So that’s my final project! I hope everything liked it! I used everything I’ve learned and I think it went well!




I’m going up! I can get there! I can make it!

2014-07-24 19.27.41 2014-07-24 19.27.39


This is my last post for a Daily Create and I am kinda sad about that. It’s been real fun and a learning process for me (go figure since it was for a class and I learned, but I digress).

For this daily create, you had to take a simple picture of your feet on the stairs. But you could decide whether you were going up or down those stairs.

I chose to go up. I’m using these pictures as a metaphor for how I want to go further in my life, true that sometimes going further is going backward, but I like to think that my future is awaiting ahead of me and so up I go!

Thanks guys!

Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because it COULD!

daily create 897


For this daily create, you had to create a picture of someone doing something even if it didn’t seem like the logical choice, even if their path was blocked or dangerous.

I chose to create one with the inspiration being the famous joke “Why did the Chicken cross the road?”

As far as I know, there isn’t an answer to this joke/riddle, but I like to think that the chicken crossed because it was adventurous and just wanted to explore.

I also like to think that the chicken made it safely across when it most likely didn’t but don’t ruin all my fantasies.

Let me know what you guys think!

Pink is the New Black

daily create 917


This daily create I thought was just a bunch of fun! To make everything pink? I know I’m a girl but I have only just recently started to like pink and this assignment just brought a smile to my face.

I decided to create a picture about some of the French food you can find on out on the streets here in Paris; this is probably because I was eating some good bread I had never had before as I was making it but oh well, it worked right?

So the inspiration for this assignment came purely from my stomach.

I hope you guys get a kick out of it!


Disney Wisdom

For this Daily Create, you had to chose a picture of someone you thought was wise and then attach a quote.

Being a BIG fan of Disney, I of course chose a quote from him.

Disney with Quote


The story behind this daily create, at least for the one I have made, is that I love books and I love reading. I believe that reading can take people to places that they can never imagine or even think of; these places don’t have to be actual towns or cities, but they can also be places of feeling, where someone feels the loss of a child when in fact they have no children; where someone can feel the rain on their face when it’s a bright and sunny day. I love books and Walt Disney was one of those people who could bring a book to life, sure he changed it to fit the audience and himself, but that didn’t usually change how we felt about his work.

I really enjoyed this daily create and I’m happy it was one of the last ones I created.

Take a ScreenShot!

Camera Flash

I am making a tutorial for how to screen shot since I did this quite often for this class, but I am making a tutorial for Dell or other similar PC computers. I’m not sure if this works on a Mac or the like, but you can try it!

Step 1: Make sure you have everything you want on your screen.

(It sucks to take the shot and then paste it to paint And then realize you don’t have everything for it)

Step 2: Open a New Paint Page

This is so you have a place to put your screen shot

Step 3: Hit keys ALT and PRNTSCR both at the same time.

This will take a picture of whatever you are looking at on your screen.

Step 4: Go back to the Paint page

– either left click and select the Paste tool

– Or hit keys Ctrl and at the same time, this is the usual shortcut for pasting something that has been copied but not always, so if it doesn’t work for you, you can always use the first option

Step 5: Your Screenshot should now be there on your Paint Page.

– If it’s not, the first thing to do is start back at Step 1 and try again

– Then if the steps are still not working for you then this might not be the way to Screenshot for your computer.


A Very Rough Week 4 to say the least.

So I know my blog post for this is a little late but to be honest I had started it before and am only just now getting around to posting it.

I know I mentioned that I was studying abroad in Paris this month and I didn’t think it would get in the way of my work for this class, and it hadn’t up until last week.

This is what happened last week…

My roommate and I just had sooo many bug bites, at first  I just thought that these were mosquito bites but then they started to SWELL and get BIGGER! And sooo itchy. Then my roommate started to get them as well and we discovered we had bed bugs! Paris isn’t all that clean, we all know that, but bed bugs really?! I know bed bugs can appear even in a very clean home/place but we are living in a dorm where people are coming and going all the time, you would think that they would protect against this.

So we had to first get the people that run the dorms to believe that we actually had bed bugs, which required a angry phone call from the leader of our program here in France, and then we had to move. But before we moved, we had to CLEAN ALL of our things! This took forever! And who knew that the middle of the week was a popular time to do laundry in Paris? We ended up staying up until 2AM washing all of our things, which sucked even more for me because I had just done laundry and now had to pay for it again.

Then we had to do paperwork and actually move to the new room. But guess what? There was only one shower in this new building and it was clogged, so now we had to go outside and travel to another building to just take a shower! Oh Paris…..this made me want to beg for my own home in the states.

But now I am working on catching up with my blog posts as well as my homework for my class here, because of course we weren’t able to move our computers first and we also didn’t have internet in our room for the first couple of days.

It’s hard to remember what I actually did for this class as so much was going on at the time but I do know that I learned how to make movies from clips on my computer using software I already had! That was fun, though it was also the most complicated to learn and complete so I can’t be sure if I will do it again any time soon.

I hope you guys enjoy my work!

Links to work:

Daily Create 1:

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Daily Create 2:

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Look, Listen, and Analyze:

Oceans 13

Reading Movies:

Video Assignment 1:

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Create and Complete Assignment 1:

Pics of places to go

Create and Complete Assignment 2:

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* Some of my Bug Bites in case any of you were wondering how serious I was

2014-07-09 22.14.44 2014-07-09 22.14.48 2014-07-09 22.14.56 2014-07-09 22.15.00 2014-07-09 22.15.06 2014-07-09 22.15.10 2014-07-09 22.15.13 2014-07-09 22.15.17 2014-07-09 22.15.30 2014-07-09 22.15.31 2014-07-09 22.15.35 2014-07-09 22.14.23 2014-07-09 22.14.30 2014-07-09 22.14.31 2014-07-09 22.14.36 2014-07-09 22.14.40

The Guide to Easy Design using Paint

First of all for this class I have found Paint to be useful than I have ever thought it to be.

Step 1:  to using Paint for any of the assignments is to know what you are looking for. You need the picture you want to edit or add to.

Step 2: Copy (Ctrl C) and the Paste (Ctrl V) onto a new page of Paint; or Open your picture using Paint.

Step 3: Next change the size of your photo if need be, enlarge or shrink.

Step 4: Now you can add text to your picture.

– 1: to do this, you need to hit the A in the menu with the pencil and selection tools. Doing this will give you the option to type.

– 2: pick where you what your text to be, enlarge or shrink the space later when you are done and know how much space you need

– 3: Now you can change the font, style, and color of your text to suit your picture.

–1) to do this all you need to do is select all your text, Paint will usually not let you change each word or words to separate styles, they must all remain the same

–2) now you can change the size of the font and the style of font one after the other; to change the size select the number tool and increase or decrease as you wish. To change the style of the font, select the letter tool right about the number tool, and then just choose which style you like

–3) to change the color of the font, select the A tool with the color bar underneath it, this is to the right of the number tool, then select the color that best matches your picture.

Step 5: Saving the Picture

This part can be a bit hard but once you do it the first time the computer will usually save your setting.

To save this pictures so you can add them to your blog and flicker and then to other social media,

– 1: Select the top left menu button

– 2: Select SAVE AS

– 3: towards the bottom of this screen, it should say “Save as Type”, you want to change this to JPEG, which is pictures.

– 4: Name your saved picture whatever will help you to remember what it’s for and then make sure you save it where you will find it! (I made this mistake so many times in and out of this class)

And Voila! You should have a designed picture for this class! Whether it be for an assignment or for a daily create!

I hope these steps are easy for everyone to understand!

Some of my work using Paint for this class:

Philisophy Quote 918 Daily Create 923 Small Provincial Town 919 Lonely Chickens! sun-rising and quote 2 cows joke Matt Smith Reading @DrGarcia




Chaplin and the Lion

So for this video, I chose to create a story that was more realistic to this video. I did change the sounds but there are more of what I think really would have happened. WIth the lion and tiger being lazy and really just messing with Chaplin; and with Chaplin being a scared of the lion and tiger.

There are sounds of the tiger and lion roaring but there do sound like lazy roars, not at all serious or hurtful. Then there is the sound of a horrific scream that I added for Chaplin when he jumps away from the Lion. Lastly there is the sound of the background, which is supposed to be a sorta of chill and yet eerie sound, but let me know what you think. I wasn’t all that happy with it.

In order to make this video, I downloaded the video from youtube and the sounds from of the roaring from freesound and then the sound of the background of youtube as well. I put them all together in my Windows Movie Maker, editing the sounds to make them all fit together nicely.

Let me know what you think!

LLA for Ocean’s 13!

I chose to Look, Listen, and Analyze Ocean’s 13, the scene with Rusty, Danny, and Oprah. I chose this scene because I couldn’t really remember it and wanted to try something sorta new for this project.

I love the first movie! The sequels were not at all as good, I haven’t even really seen the 3rd one yet, but the first one was so great. The perfect amounts of wit, class, action, romance, and humor. Great movie!

Step 1: Camera Work

The Lighting is dim and kinda dark during the whole scene, showing the signs of danger and anxiety that Danny is feeling.

During the first half, Danny is on the left, the negative side, and Rusty is on the right, the positive side. I think this is because Danny has bad news and Rusty came to him with mostly good news. Also, since this whole scheme was Danny’s idea, he could be seen as the negative influence on the entire group while Rusty is the one trying to keep everyone together.

It is only when you get the view of Rusty and Danny standing side by side that you notice that Rusty is wearing dark colors while Danny is wearing light colors. Also during this view, Rusty, in the dark colors, in now on the left, while Danny, in the light colors is now on the right. During this view, you can’t actually see their faces or anything to distinguish the two; I think this could mean that they are both light and dark, both of them have the negative and positive within them and you never know which one your going to get.

Step 2: Analyze the Audio

It’s a while before any of the talking actually begins, the characters seem to be really at ease and comfortable with each other; showing how good of friends they are.

Then there is barely any speaking once they start watching Oprah together. I think that this shows how they are both using Oprah to get away from their current problems and instead focusing on the good that is happening to someone else.

Step 3: Put it All Together

I think that main important fact I noticed while both watching and listening to this scene is how well they work together.

The dimness of the room combined with their not speaking, adds to the emotional the characters feel during the scene and how comfortable they are with each other.

That’s all I really noticed that I didn’t notice before.

Oceans 13