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DS106 1st Week Hell


So everything that could go wrong when you take an online class went wrong for me, which is why I am posting this so late.

I recently moved into a new apartment and got a new internet provider. My internet has been going in and out ever since I moved in, and then has gone completely out. They came to fix it and it didn’t even work for a day. So now  I am rushing to get this all done, not being able to find anything on the DS106 website, and then also having to prepare for a study abroad trip to Paris that I am leaving for in about 13 hours.

About the class, I think its great! I think if I could actually find the pages f(PLEASE SOMEONE GUIDE ME IN THIS!) or the assignments and find the work that goes along with them, I would have a much easier time.

The assignments, the ones I’ve chosen and the ones we all have to do, actually aren’t that hard. I usually just have to seek the help of Google and then I understand what to do or how to do it.

The only assignment I had a hard time with was the DAMN (sorry for my language but I’m trying to get my point across) Hippie Picture that was a daily create. Otherwise I think I did okay.

I know that my storytelling could use a little work. I need to add more about what inspires me and why I do the things I do, but sometimes it just comes to me and its hard to explain why. Other times its as simple as stating that I love Disney and that I love Beauty and the Beast! (The bringing Disney into focus daily create was my favorite by far)

I feel that I need to work on my storytelling but other than that I think I did very well completing all the requirements for the assignments, but I am biased. (But hey, I did have original titles, pictures, screenshots, explanations, and even links: I think the only thing I was missing was the detailed storytelling)

I am learning so much with this class; how to create screenshots, how to create meme’s, and even how to sort of delete a pictures background. I think this class has a lot to offer and I’m going to stick with it til the end, no matter how frustrated I get. Ha-Ha

I really want to hear about what the others did and what troubles you all had so I don’t feel alone!


The next time I post, I will either be on my way to Paris or already there! You can bet that I will be putting up pictures and focusing on what I learn in Paris for any posts that I can!



Links to Work:

– Daily Create #1:

140621-143656 140621-143643

– Daily Create #2:

Twilight heads to Venice 2


– Daily Create #3:



– Daily Create #4:

Hippie Photo


– Visual Assignments #1: Shakespearean LOLcat

Big Shakespearean Kitty


– Visual Assignments #2: Bringing Disney into Focus

rose from beauty and the beast 2 Blur and Color change


– Gardner Campbell:

– Michael Wesch:

– DS106 LowDown 001:

Scotty in Tokyo

I actually really liked this podcast. I had never really heard to before so I didn’t have any expectations but I still think this was pretty good.

Scott Lockman was very talkative but imformative. I thought it was nice to hear a little bit about him, that way we weren’t just listening to some strange person talking about whatever he wanted to but we had a sense of him and his personality.

It was interesting to hear about the life and culture in Japan from someone who is just an expat there, its a different perspective.

I am Japanese though was born and raised in the States but I am actually really interested in the culture and would love to visit someday. So this podcast was very interesting to me.

I hope others found it just as fascinating as I did! I really enjoyed it.

Japanese Cherry Blossom

To Make or Not to Make that Difference

Gardner Campell’s article and speech about the need to further education as well as further the use of the advancements created by the internet, really moved me.

Some of his speech and article I didn’t understand but his speech was much better than the article. He was very personal and easier to understand.

I love how he spoke of fascinating things that I hadn’t even heard of, like the milla computer that can be carried inside a pocket! And then he brings up the cons of this product, “milla computing crime” is how he phrased it I believe.

It was great and I really agree.

There are so many advancements to learning created/helped with the internet that so many things get lost.

I think he had so many good points while using great language and analogies (using Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice).

I would love what others think about the pros and cons he brought up? Do you also agree that sometimes people worry too much about the bad that could happen? How about the disruptions?



Gardner Campbell

More to Smart than We Thought….

I really enjoyed this video. I think Michael Wesch brings up some very good points, all of which are true. I would love to meet him and discuss it further.

What he is saying is that in today’s society and world, just being book smart or just street smart, isn’t enough. People today need a combination of the two, by only focusing on teaching students or anyone, just one type of smart, you are actually lessening their advantages.

I agree. I believe that there are many people out there that can tell so many intellectual facts but not know how to boil a pot of water or how to sew a button back on, which these type of things may not seem very important but both are a part of everyday lives and will help in the future.

There are also those who know how make the perfect pancake or how to remodel a car but can’t tell you who their member of Congress is; again this is information that is vital to everyday going on’s in life, making it just as important to know.

I really enjoyed this video and I hope others do to.



Extra Brownie points for those who can guess who these characters are!




Hip Hip Hooray!….NOT

Okay so I had a VERY HARD TIME with this daily create. It seemed simple but after taking the picture it was anything but! If anyone else had an easier time with it let me know!

So what I did was a took a picture:

14537992592_434728c93c_o (1)

This is me with my best sort of stoner/hippie face. Haha I had my aunt and uncle tell me how to make it; that should tell you a little bit about me.


Then I searched for how to replace a background because I thought I would just add a tie-dye background and be okay. NOPE

I had to follow all this directions from this site.

(I’ll add the link and screenshots for those who want to try it but it worked the first time for me but not the others, I had to do it again because I lost my peace sign)

There are all these different ways to do it and was very complicated, but hey, it might work for you.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 12 Step 11 Step 10 Step 9


I even had a background picture picked out.

How I made the GNA birthday card Hippie Background


But alas, this did not work, so my inspiration for this sort of became “I just wanna be done” frustrated.

I still had the orginal picture

14537992592_434728c93c_o (1)


But I still wanted to add color to mimic that hippie vibe so I just use Paint and added cool colorful shapes, so I could have the color and weird vibe I was going for.

I hope people at least appreciate this and maybe even like it.

Hippie Photo

Think of a the shapes as swirling objects only hippie’s see. :)

Happy Birthday to GNA!


I want to wish @DrGracia a very Happy Birthday!
I hope the rest of her college career goes well!

I decided to make a birthday card with books on it to represent her college life and all the books she’s had to read and review. I imagine she has spent so many hours going through bookshelves, that she now has favorites that she keeps going back to. I also added in some color for her GNA name, because she’s incredible and shines color!

I hope she likes it! If she sees it!

I made the ecard, electronic card, by searching “books card” in google images.

How I made the GNA birthday card


I then copied and pasted the picture I chose, by selecting the image, selecting view image, then right clicking on it and choosing copy image. (NOT COPY IMAGE URL)

I then added the GNA, with each letter in a different color, and saved it!


I chose a simple design with a simple layout because I imagine GNA as a simple person who doesn’t have much time for flashy but enjoys the laid back time she can get. I was inspired by her twitter posts about college and the work she has done, with working on her dissertation and her research. But I think she also has a great personality so I added some hot and bright colors to represent that aspect of her.

It was Really an Enchanted Rose

I chose this assignment, Putting Disney into Focus, because I love Disney! Who doesn’t?!

I chose the Rose from Beauty and the Beast because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and I believe that the Rose is used as a symbol of love, growth, and change (As a Romantic, I value these very highly, haha). As the rose reaches it’s end of life, the Beast grows, learns to love and how to be loved, and he changes not only from a beast to man but from a selfish and spoiled boy into a caring and giving man.

I decided to not only to blur the background, which took forever to figure out how to do, but also to change the color scheme so the only color in the picture is the Red Rose itself, everything else in the picture is grey. I decided to do this to not only focus on the rose but to highlight it’s significance to me and the movie.

rose from beauty and the beast 2 Blur and Color change rose from beauty and the beast 2 blur Rose from Beauty and the Beast 2


These pics range from blur and color change, to just blur, to the original picture.


I am also adding the website and instructions I used to complete the blurring effect.

Link for Blurring How to Blue


I hope others have an easier time with this than I did! Haha, I tried three different ways to blur but this website,, was the easiest and best way.

Link to Assignment:

Twilight heads to Venice!

For this Daily Create, I decided to be a bit fun and silly.

Twilight heads to Venice 2

I chose Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Thunder at Twilight by Frederic Morton.

Twilight synopsis from Google for those that don’t know what the book is about.



Thunder at Twilight synopsis for those that don’t know what this book is about.

Thunder at Twilight


I chose these two books because  the thought of the famous Cullen family from Twilight going to/being in Venice right before WWI just made me giggle.

I believe that if the two authors Meyer and Morton came together to write a book the book would have supernatural characters, from Meyer, and historical significance from Venice. The plot would involve how the characters struggled to hide who they really were during this time when everyone was under suspicion; how the characters fought to live and love during these difficult times. There would be scenes of action, between supernatural characters and between the main characters and those who found out there secret; love scenes, anguish and dramatic moments, moments of happiness and moments of sadness; all of these moments would have hidden historical facts and buildings. The story would ultimately end with the characters coming out ahead, surviving the war, and having a happy ending.

Let me know what you guys think!

BIG Shakespearean Kitty! LOLcat

I was looking through our options for Visual Assignments and found this! I just Had to make it! I’ve never made a meme before, but there is something to be said about Shakespeare and Cats are adorable! I just couldn’t resist.

Shakespearean Assignment

Link for Assignment:

I actually used a tutorial from someone else, (you can find it in the submissions so far section of this assignment page), because I had never made a meme before. It was sooo easy! Just chose a quote, chose a pic, upload the pic on the website, copy and paste the quote, name it, and your done! SO easy! It was great and took less than 30 minutes to finish, I highly recommend the tutorial for anyone doing this assignment.

Instructions on how to create Memes Tutorial Link


Link for Video:

I chose the quote “Can one desire too much of a good thing?” from As You Like It (Act IV, Scene I), because I thought it would be just too funny to add it to one of those fat lovable cats, and thats just what I did. 

Step 1: Shakespearean Quotes

Find a Quote Link:

Step 2: Shakespearean Cats

Find a Cat Pic Link:

Step 3: Make a Meme

imgur Link:

I don’t know if I’m completing this blog post right but I’m hoping for the best. Let me know what you guys think and I hope you get a chuckle out of my Big Shakespearean Kitty!

Shakespearean LOLcat

Big Shakespearean Kitty


So, I’m still a little confused on how this all works. I feel like I understand the instructions but that I’m still missing something. How do I know if I do anything correctly? Blah
Today was a long day because I didn’t sleep well at all last night but tomorrow I am planning on working on getting some of this homework done and trying to understand more. Maybe I was just rushing myself before?

I hope so…

Anyone doing anything else fun this summer?