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Can someone really learn how to read a movie?

What does it mean to read a movie? Does this mean that you can suspect what will later happen in the film or with the characters because you notice how the camera is positioned?

After reading Ebert’s guide ( to reading movies and then watching two videos that further explain the terms and different views, I am still not quite sure on how these skills will benefit the general public. Granted I do not watch much tv or movies, but I think that even I can appreciate a movie without noticing what the camera and the positions of the characters are adding to the plot. When I watch a movie I am mostly trying to relax and maybe hang out with friends, I’m not worrying about what the underlying meaning of each position is, I think that would take away from the experience.

For the first video I watched,, I learned through watching the video. There was no dialogue but only clips from other movies to show the different camera angles and positions. I learned from watching what each angle really looks like and how they are used; the angles include various Longshot angles as well as panoramic angles and more.

From the second video,, I learned about how each scene can be used to change an audience’s perspective of the characters, just by switching some props the whole story can change.

I’m still not sure if I agree that these methods can or even should be used, at least not all the time, but I think it could be interesting and even useful for the future with movies for classes.


Am I rousing your interest?

Daily Create 923

So for this daily create you were supposed to upload a picture that would rouse the public interest but I didn’t think the public would just be interested in the sadness of the world so I decided to add a happier picture! :)

This is actually a picture I took for Bastille Day, which the French do not call Bastille Day. The Fireworks were incredible and I think everyone should experience them someday! They beat even Disney Fireworks and I didn’t think anything could ever do that! The French do themes every year and this year was war and peace, it was incredible. (Though if you ever do go, go early! As in 5 or 6 hours early and just picnic! Its get very crowded and seating becomes an issue!)

This picture was taken as the sun was going down and right before the show started!

I hope some of you are roused by this!

What is Growing right outside MY WIndow!

Garden Growing daily Create

So I cheated and created this picture using paint, inside while in my room. But this is the little mini garden that is growing right outside my window here in the dorms. It’s badly done because I have no artistic ability but there are three different color of rose bushes here,;white, red, and pink. Then there’s some grass and some trees that I didn’t add into the picture because I cant seem them as well from my room, but I think you get what this is supposed to be, at least now that I’ve explained it.

The days here are either very sunny and hot or cloudy and cool. So I used the paint and a water color setting to create the sky so that way it was a bit both sunny and cloudy.

I hope you guys like it!

Forever a Small Provincial Town

Small Provincial Town 919

Recently while on my study abroad trip to France we went to the Loire Valley. It’s the valley with one of the original Chateaus of the Royal families, the Amboise Chateau; and boasts the last home of Da Vinci in another Chateau. All of this is in the small country town of Amboise; this town is so vastly different from the city of Paris in all the right ways. I loved it! It was so cute and quaint, so quiet and lovely.

I think everyone should go to a town like this and recognize it’s beauty. I chose this picture I took of the town because I think that it will last forever, if not the town and buildings themselves, but what the town represents.

Oh the Places You’ll Go

For this assignment I thought it would be fun to create a blog post with the top three places you want to go, the top three on your bucket list.

For each place, create/add a picture with a caption stating where the place is and anything else you would like to add. For your blog post, write about why you would love to go to those places; what do you dream of doing/seeing there?

Can’t wait to see people’s responses!

Pics of places to go

This is what I have created.

The first two places, Ireland and Japan, are because I am both Irish and Japanese and am fascinated by those sides of my heritage. I would love to go and live in each place for at least a year so I can experience the culture and meet the people.

The last picture is of Greece, I chose this place because I love Greek History, the Ancient history. I am a Classics Major and would love to explore the islands, towns, monuments, and ruins that I have only seen in books.

All of these places are vastly different and I think thats also why I chose them, I could have chosen any other countries or cities but I think that if I did get the chance to go to all three of these, I would experience three very different cultures and learn more about life and myself.

It’s sooo FLUFFY!!!

Final Bedtime Story

I chose this video assignment because who doesn’t love Despicable Me?! I might know people who have never seen it but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it.

I actual did not chose the Fluffy scene because I figured everyone would expect that so instead I chose a scene that I felt had a bit more meaning to it.

I chose this ending scene between Gru and the girls because it really shows how much Gru has changed and how much they have all grown to love and care about each other. Gru, himself, is telling the girls how much he loves them and how much he has changed because of them while he is reading the story that he wrote about them, it’s really very touching.

I hope everyone else enjoys this scene as well.

Poison & Anime Romance

Romance Anime to Poison and Wine

For this video assignment, I decided to create an Anime clips video featuring clips of romance. I have not actually seen all of these animes but I have seen their videos on youtube and thought that they would work well together. I am a romantic and so I just chose the clips that made me smile and that made my heart go aflutter, I hope they make yours do the same.

To add to this video I chose the song “Poison and Wine” by Civil War, because some of these relationships shown are love and hate relationships or they are ones that cannot last. I think this song is perfect because it is about two people who want to be together but shouldn’t, they will always love each other but they won’t at the same time. I think it’s beautiful.

Let me know what you guys think!

Can You Pick any Favorite Disney Endings?!!

A video assignment created for those who love and appreciate Disney! What you have to do is create a video, no more than 5 minutes, filled with your favorite ending scenes from any Disney movie or movies. The catch is that you have to add music that is not Disney related at all; you have to add some other type of everyday music that you think works for/with the scenes you’ve picked.

Lastly, write a blog post about why you chose those scenes and why the music works with the scenes so well.

Have fun!

Final of the Favorite Disney Endings

This is my video. I know some of you will know what I put in for one of my favorite endings, but I hope the others will be a surprise.

I chose all the endings not just because I liked them but because they remind me of others in my life. Each ending I chose is really a favorite of one of my siblings and mine. so I added those endings to think of them.

I created this video using WIndows Live Movie Maker, because I have a PC and it was already on my computer, so it was free. It took me a little while to figure out how to use it but after I did the first video, which was actually the anime video though I know I posted that last, it became easier to do.

All you have to do is make sure the format of your video is correct; what I did was I used an online convertor and just changed it to WMA, which stands for Windows Media Audio. But use whatever works with your system.

Then you can control the volume of the video is there is any, I just turned my off because I wanted people to hear the songs I chose, not the actual film. Now you can add music, add whatever you think will go well with your clips.

Start of Video adding music

After that, all you have to do is save and upload to a social media if you would like.

I used this tutorial if you need it as well.

Tutorial used to make movie

Three weeks….Really?!

So the three weeks that we have been in this class has flown by! I can’t even remember what we’re supposed to do every week, it goes by so fast!

I had a very hard time with this weeks assignments because I haven’t ever really done anything with audio, besides buy it. So it was very interesting to learn how to edit the sounds and then mash them together to create something new. After playing around with Audacity, I think I managed to create some good stuff, and it was even fun.

I would say that the hardest thing for me was learning how to use Audacity because there isn’t a manual or a guide to help you learn how to do everything, not that I think I did everything there is to with Audacity, but I tried. I messed up a few times and had to do a few of the assignments over because I didn’t know how to save them at first, but I did learn how to export them so it all worked out.

Learning how to edit sounds was the most interesting to me; learning how to clip them and then create something entirely new was so much fun.

The inspiration behind most of my work this week was trying incorporate as much from my trip and the people I have met here as possible; I have met some amazing and brilliant people on this trip and they have helped me in some way with so much since we’ve been here. We had a lot of laughs working and just being together so if I can dedicate any of my work to them, I sincerely do.

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