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The Stages of a Bad Relationship

I created a story with some of the latest tracks from Avril Lavigne, because I think all of her music is great. I didn’t use any of her early stuff because I couldn’t find it on my computer.

I also didn’t add this to my SoundCloud account because every time I tried, it didn’t work, so I hope this works out. (I found out that the mash up wasn’t going onto Soundcloud because of I used Avril’s Music, so oops.)

The story I’m trying to tell with Lavigne’s songs is about a bad relationship. (This is in no way stating that every relationship is bad or like this, it’s just a story of how some bad relationships work out.)

It starts off with Hello Kitty, which is the beginning of the relationship, the wooing and chasing phase. Each person in the relationship wants to be together and is very excited but they don’t realize how wrong they are for each other.

Then we move on to the confusing and fighting phase, which fits in with What the Hell. This is the part of the relationship where the jealousy and paranoia comes out, even when the partner did actually cheat, the other partner believes it’s worse then it is.

Next is the giving up phase, where neither partner wants to actually take the steps to end the relationship but neither of them is happy; this part of the story is told by Give you what you like. This is where relationship revolves around sex because they don’t want to talk or hang out like they use to.

This is the part of the story/song where the partners only remind each of bad feelings, thoughts, and memories; this is told using How you Remind Me.

The ending of the story is where a partner, it can be male or female, realizes that they can move on and be happy, the ending is given by Lavigne’s Alice. In the ending stage, one or both partners realize that they don’t have to live with this relationship and that they are stronger together than they are apart.

I hope you guys like it! My best friend and I really love Avril’s music, we take turns buying the CD’s when they come out. I finished this before I realized that it could have been 5 minutes long but I hope everyone still likes it. Let me know what you think!