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Walking through the Jungle!

This Audio tells the story of a man walking in the jungle.

At first everything is fine, just calmly walking through the Jungle. Then that all changes. First the animals start making noises, randomly and with a eerie presence. Then the storm starts and the animals getting louder. His sense of time is off and all he wants is to return to that calmness that is eluding him.

Seconds pass, minutes; and then it happens, the light shining through the trees. The rain stops and the animals settle.

The man continues on his travels, enjoying the peace in the jungle, while it last.

I created this assignment by using sounds from Freesound.org; I signed up for the free account. I searched for keywords for my story; “jungle” and “rain” being the two main ones.

I then used audacity to edit and put the sounds together to create the story.