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Chaplin and the Lion

So for this video, I chose to create a story that was more realistic to this video. I did change the sounds but there are more of what I think really would have happened. WIth the lion and tiger being lazy and really just messing with Chaplin; and with Chaplin being a scared of the lion and tiger.

There are sounds of the tiger and lion roaring but there do sound like lazy roars, not at all serious or hurtful. Then there is the sound of a horrific scream that I added for Chaplin when he jumps away from the Lion. Lastly there is the sound of the background, which is supposed to be a sorta of chill and yet eerie sound, but let me know what you think. I wasn’t all that happy with it.

In order to make this video, I downloaded the video from youtube and the sounds from of the roaring from freesound and then the sound of the background of youtube as well. I put them all together in my Windows Movie Maker, editing the sounds to make them all fit together nicely.

Let me know what you think!