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Oh the Places You’ll Go

For this assignment I thought it would be fun to create a blog post with the top three places you want to go, the top three on your bucket list.

For each place, create/add a picture with a caption stating where the place is and anything else you would like to add. For your blog post, write about why you would love to go to those places; what do you dream of doing/seeing there?

Can’t wait to see people’s responses!

Pics of places to go

This is what I have created.

The first two places, Ireland and Japan, are because I am both Irish and Japanese and am fascinated by those sides of my heritage. I would love to go and live in each place for at least a year so I can experience the culture and meet the people.

The last picture is of Greece, I chose this place because I love Greek History, the Ancient history. I am a Classics Major and would love to explore the islands, towns, monuments, and ruins that I have only seen in books.

All of these places are vastly different and I think thats also why I chose them, I could have chosen any other countries or cities but I think that if I did get the chance to go to all three of these, I would experience three very different cultures and learn more about life and myself.