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I’m going up! I can get there! I can make it!

2014-07-24 19.27.41 2014-07-24 19.27.39


This is my last post for a Daily Create and I am kinda sad about that. It’s been real fun and a learning process for me (go figure since it was for a class and I learned, but I digress).

For this daily create, you had to take a simple picture of your feet on the stairs. But you could decide whether you were going up or down those stairs.

I chose to go up. I’m using these pictures as a metaphor for how I want to go further in my life, true that sometimes going further is going backward, but I like to think that my future is awaiting ahead of me and so up I go!

Thanks guys!

Why did the Chicken cross the road? Because it COULD!

daily create 897


For this daily create, you had to create a picture of someone doing something even if it didn’t seem like the logical choice, even if their path was blocked or dangerous.

I chose to create one with the inspiration being the famous joke “Why did the Chicken cross the road?”

As far as I know, there isn’t an answer to this joke/riddle, but I like to think that the chicken crossed because it was adventurous and just wanted to explore.

I also like to think that the chicken made it safely across when it most likely didn’t but don’t ruin all my fantasies.

Let me know what you guys think!

Pink is the New Black

daily create 917


This daily create I thought was just a bunch of fun! To make everything pink? I know I’m a girl but I have only just recently started to like pink and this assignment just brought a smile to my face.

I decided to create a picture about some of the French food you can find on out on the streets here in Paris; this is probably because I was eating some good bread I had never had before as I was making it but oh well, it worked right?

So the inspiration for this assignment came purely from my stomach.

I hope you guys get a kick out of it!


Disney Wisdom

For this Daily Create, you had to chose a picture of someone you thought was wise and then attach a quote.

Being a BIG fan of Disney, I of course chose a quote from him.

Disney with Quote


The story behind this daily create, at least for the one I have made, is that I love books and I love reading. I believe that reading can take people to places that they can never imagine or even think of; these places don’t have to be actual towns or cities, but they can also be places of feeling, where someone feels the loss of a child when in fact they have no children; where someone can feel the rain on their face when it’s a bright and sunny day. I love books and Walt Disney was one of those people who could bring a book to life, sure he changed it to fit the audience and himself, but that didn’t usually change how we felt about his work.

I really enjoyed this daily create and I’m happy it was one of the last ones I created.

Am I rousing your interest?

Daily Create 923

So for this daily create you were supposed to upload a picture that would rouse the public interest but I didn’t think the public would just be interested in the sadness of the world so I decided to add a happier picture! :)

This is actually a picture I took for Bastille Day, which the French do not call Bastille Day. The Fireworks were incredible and I think everyone should experience them someday! They beat even Disney Fireworks and I didn’t think anything could ever do that! The French do themes every year and this year was war and peace, it was incredible. (Though if you ever do go, go early! As in 5 or 6 hours early and just picnic! Its get very crowded and seating becomes an issue!)

This picture was taken as the sun was going down and right before the show started!

I hope some of you are roused by this!

What is Growing right outside MY WIndow!

Garden Growing daily Create

So I cheated and created this picture using paint, inside while in my room. But this is the little mini garden that is growing right outside my window here in the dorms. It’s badly done because I have no artistic ability but there are three different color of rose bushes here,;white, red, and pink. Then there’s some grass and some trees that I didn’t add into the picture because I cant seem them as well from my room, but I think you get what this is supposed to be, at least now that I’ve explained it.

The days here are either very sunny and hot or cloudy and cool. So I used the paint and a water color setting to create the sky so that way it was a bit both sunny and cloudy.

I hope you guys like it!

The Old and the New Can of Coke

Old Coke Can Old Can of Coke (Hot Fudge)


I chose to create a old/vintage photo of a Coke can because I think Coke is universal and that most people can recognize it.

The thought of a vintage coke can is also fun because it would be so old, probably rusted, but still it survived.

This coke can isn’t actually old but I do think that the pictures came out nice.

I took the picture with my phone, it was a friend’s can, and then used the same website I used to create the blur for the Disney into Focus assignment: Picture Effects.

I just messed around with the color of the photo until I found one I liked and thought could work for old. I also tried to blur the background of this photo, to add an emphasis on the coke can, but I don’t think it worked out very well.

The Shortened Version of My Life

sun-rising and quote


The story of this picture is that the clouds represent all the bad that has happened in life, whether it happened in a day or in a year, they drift past to make room for the new day.

I chose this picture because I feel like it not only represents my life but the lives of others. I feel that if you have a bad day or even a good day, there’s always another day and you should always try to make the most of everyday.

I created this picture using a link I found on Google Image: http://www.wallpaperseek.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/sun-rising.jpg

Then I just copied and pasted the picture into Paint to add the quote which I came up with on the fly.

I really do think it’s a good picture for everyone and I hope some of you think so too!

Cucumber Munching on Some Squash

Cucumber eating Squash


Once upon a time there was a Cucumber. This Cucumber was tired from the hot sun and very hungry. The Cucumber was trying to be good and wait for the Farmer to come and give him some dirt and water but as the time passed and the Farmer never came, the Cucumber got more and more hungry. The Cucumber started to notice all the other vegetables around him, and right across from him was a nice yellow Squash. The Squash, oblivious to it’s fate, was resting in the warm sun. The Cucumber, finally losing control, reached over and took a large bite out of the squash, and alas, the Squash was no more. But the family of the Squash got their revenge the next day when the Farmer decided to have Cucumber with dinner.

(I couldn’t actually take a picture of any vegetables eating something, so I just created this using paint. I think the story was actually pretty original, but cute. ha-ha)