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Sometimes Alone but Never Lonely…..

Lonely Chickens!

There once was a group of chickens that all lived together peacefully and happily, but there was one chicken that could never seem to join in on the fun. This one chicken always seemed to be alone; she could never find the others. The other chickens were confused by this because they were always there, always around the one lonely chicken but the lonely chicken never seemed to look in their direction. The problem with the lonely chicken was that she always looked for the other chickens in the wrong direction at the wrong time, she was never truly alone, all she had to do was look down the other path.

(This is for a Daily Create. I created the picture using one of the pictures I have taken in France, so these are some French Chickens, lol. But then I just opened the picture with the Paint software and added the lettering. I thought it made a good story.)

MOOOOOO!…Lame Cow Joke

Okay so honestly, the only reason I did this daily create was because I needed to do one more and this was today’s.

I didn’t really want to do it because I couldn’t think of a joke Cow’s would say about humans, so I sort of incorporated something that happened to me today.

One of the girl’s in my group is always looking for Wifi, literally everytime we stopped she would be looking for Wifi. So I just put that into a joke with a picture of cows on paint and let it flow.

It’s not very good, and I know that but it works.

No judging!

2 cows joke

No Stealing TP!

I don’t know why I choose this daily create, I think I just thought it would be fun but it did take me a few minutes to figure out what I was going to be doing. But once I did, I thought it was just the right amount of funny and yet serious.

Okay, for those of you that don’t know, as I didn’t, when you stay somewhere in Paris or other various places in Europe, where you share a bathroom, you have to take your own toilet paper into the bathroom. You do this because if you leave a roll of TP in there then it will be stolen and you’ll either have to buy more or steal someone else’s. Thankfully I did not learn this the hard way, but one of my friends on the trip did and she warned me about it.


So for this daily create, I would like to dedicate it to those that steal TP! I want to make a law banning this action. TP is relatively cheap but if you have to buy multiple rolls a day that can add up. Plus, it just sucks when you really have to go but can’t because there is no TP!

This law would be against those that steal TP and for those that get stuck without it!

I know most of you will think this is silly but it’s a serious issue here and I have to put mine near the door or I forget it!

So, let me know what you guys think? If you were here would you be a victim? Or the culprit?

Assignment: http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc905/

Anything I want, Anything at all…!

I chose this daily create because I can take a picture of anything I want! I mean, Hello!

This can show people how you are feeling or what your thinking at the time of the photo or post. Or it can be totally random, or you can just be screwing with people’s heads. That is the fun of it. You can make it meaningful or just simple, either way people will think about it and try to figure it out. They will try to understand why you posted this picture.

The picture I chose actually has real meaning to me. Again it has to do with a certain Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast in French! Close up!
Beauty and the Beast in French! Close up!

I love Beauty and the Beast. I know some people mention the love story and the fact that it probably has to do with Stockholm syndrome but I love the story. The good, the bad, and the love; I love everything about it. I don’t just see a love story or the Stockholm; but I see people that learn to change and grow, people that do fall in love but that also become friends. In the end they are better together and they take care of the others around them. I love Beauty and the Beast not just for the Love story but for the morals it teaches us. Plus the cast is phenomenal!

I was on the Metro in Paris and I saw this poster and I literally exclaimed and pointed at it for my friends to look at. They thought I was crazy but we’re crazy together!

This play has special meaning to me because I first saw it live last year for my 20th birthday with my best friend. We had a road trip together, singing disney and pitch perfect all the way. Then we had Indian for the first time, it was amazing, and then we saw the show. It was a perfect day and I will always cherish it. If I can manage to see this show, even though its in French, I will be so happy!

I hope others enjoy this picture! Even if you don’t like the movie/concept/book/fairytale, I hope you can appreciate this post.

Assignment: http://tdc.ds106.us/tdc907/

Hip Hip Hooray!….NOT

Okay so I had a VERY HARD TIME with this daily create. It seemed simple but after taking the picture it was anything but! If anyone else had an easier time with it let me know!

So what I did was a took a picture:

14537992592_434728c93c_o (1)

This is me with my best sort of stoner/hippie face. Haha I had my aunt and uncle tell me how to make it; that should tell you a little bit about me.


Then I searched for how to replace a background because I thought I would just add a tie-dye background and be okay. NOPE

I had to follow all this directions from this site.


(I’ll add the link and screenshots for those who want to try it but it worked the first time for me but not the others, I had to do it again because I lost my peace sign)

There are all these different ways to do it and was very complicated, but hey, it might work for you.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 12 Step 11 Step 10 Step 9


I even had a background picture picked out.

How I made the GNA birthday card Hippie Background


But alas, this did not work, so my inspiration for this sort of became “I just wanna be done” frustrated.

I still had the orginal picture

14537992592_434728c93c_o (1)


But I still wanted to add color to mimic that hippie vibe so I just use Paint and added cool colorful shapes, so I could have the color and weird vibe I was going for.

I hope people at least appreciate this and maybe even like it.

Hippie Photo

Think of a the shapes as swirling objects only hippie’s see. :)