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Fail at Photoshop

Okay so I decided to do this Design Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/paste-someones-head-on-an-animal-or-vice-versa/

For this one you have to put the picture of someone, famous or not, onto the body of an animal. I wanted to do this because I thought it would be really funny. But now that I did it, I think I might just do another one for a grade, not necessarily put on this one for a grade.

It was pretty easy to do, there was even a tutorial.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lje80YBu1hk

But I got stuck on how to delete the background, again just like that stupid Hippie photo, and just have the face on the body. The tutorial only fully worked at this point if you have a MAC, which I do not. I have a Dell. SO while I did do this assignment, I don’t really like the results and am only sharing them because I already finished it.

So tell me what you guys think?



I followed the tutorial pretty well and it worked good until I reached the point for the background. So for those of you with a MAC, I would just continue with the tutorial but for those of you with a Dell and you figure it out, please let me know!

Step 1:

Open Powerpoint or Presentation

I have Powerpoint
I have Powerpoint

Step 2:

FInd your picture for the animal on Google or whatever search engine you use. I used Google.

My Search Engine
My Search Engine

Step 4:

Delete the Current Slide Info

Select and then just hit delete or cut
Select and then just hit delete or cut

Step 5:

Insert you picture of person

Go to Insert, click Picture, and then go to where you saved your pics and choose the one you want
Go to Insert, click Picture, and then go to where you saved your pics and choose the one you want

And Voila!

powerpoint insert bc
You have a pic!


Step 6:

Format Background

On my computer I right click on the background and the “format Background”option is the last option. For your computers it might be different but try to find it. The select the bubble for picture fill and chose your pic.

Powerpoint insert background


And Voila again!

Pic with Background
Pic with Background

Step 7:

Crop your picture of a face so you only have a head.

To do this select the picture of your person and find your crop section. Mine only shows up in format when I select the picture, but again it could be different.

Pic face cropped
Pic face cropped

Just crop it to the right size until your happy with it.

Step 8:

This is where your supposed to be able to remove the background on your face picture but I can’t figure out how so I just saved it at this point.

Step 9:

The saving IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP! Go to “Save As” like you would with any other document, but DO NOT save it as a Powerpoint! A powerpoint is not a picture and if you save this as a Powerpoint and then try to upload it anywhere as a Picture, it will not work.

But this is an easy fix.

When you hit “Save As”, go down to “Save as File Type” and select JEPG File Interchange format, this will change your file from a powerpoint to an actual picture. That way you can upload it and get credit for it.

My Work:

So I know I did all this work and I might not even use this project for a Design Assignment, but I just wanted to let others know what I did and How I did it in case anyone else decided to do this assignment.

If  anyone knows how to get rid of the background on a face picture on a Dell, please let me know!

I actually did two of these type of pictures because I tried to see if I could have a better result but I don’t know about either of them.

The people I chose for the faces were Benedict Cumberbatch, because he is an amazing actor and I am a fan (but not a crazy one, though I did just put his face on an Otter…), I also chose James D’arcy because I don’t think a lot of people know about him. I think he is a great actor and highly unappreciated! Madonna even chose him to be the male lead in her movie W.E!

For Benedict Cumberbatch, I chose to put his face on an otter because it’s a running joke that he looks like an Otter in some of his roles and poses. I thought it would be cute and funny to join in on it; I just love people’s reactions to it, I don’t actually think he does look like an Otter.

For James D’racy, I chose the Raven because he reminds me a bit of the personality of a Raven. They both seem to be very regal and calm creatures. They are sort of in the shadows and people don’t usually notice them, but when they do they can’t help but appreciate the majestic of the moment.

BC as an Otter!
BC as an Otter!
JD as a Raven!
JD as a Raven!

Assignment: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/paste-someones-head-on-an-animal-or-vice-versa/