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Four Way Stop!

While looking through the Design Assignment choices I clicked on the “Pause Four a Moment” assignment.


After looking it over, I decided that it didn’t seem too hard and that it would even be fun. Well, I tried to follow the tutorial but nope, that was not for me because I don’t have photo shop! So I then had to figure out another way to do it. (See details below to figure out how I did it)

I chose this assignment because I thought it would be fun. Take a picture of yourself that you love and then change it; how much easier could that be? The fun part comes in taking or picking the right picture that you think will show who you are. Will it be funny or silly? Or a pretty simple pose? Or will it be the new modern “selfie” pose?

I chose a simple pose but it was a selfie. In this picture I am surrounded by green plants and I love it. This day or afternoon was my first real time to relax and just rest since I have been Paris, I finally went to the University Cafe and ate outside. I just thought about everything that had happened since we arrived, I had a reflective day. I loved it, it was soothing and calming. Then I just walked around the campus and looked at all the beautiful plants.

I don’t know if this picture really shows who I am, but I think it does show what I aspire to be. Someone happy, calm, and surrounded by all types of goodness and beauty.

Let me know what you guys think!


Luckily, doing the assignment replacing an animal’s head with a person’s, came in handy here. I followed the same steps for this assignments as I did for that one, and it worked!

The only differences were that I now had four photos instead of 2, there was no cropping the photos, and for the background I just added color. Now that is what I did to put the pictures on there and fit them to scale.

To actually edit the pictures on my dell, I opened the folder they were in. four pics 1

Click on the picture you’ve decided on.

four pics 2

Once your picture is open, on the upper left side of the page should say “Edit…”

Click that

four pics 4

This should bring you to the edit a picture page. From here all you need to do is edit the picture by changing the effects, now you can save it by hitting “Save As” which is what I recommend because I hit “Make a Copy” and it was too complicated, but you can do that as well.

four pics 5

And Voila! You have your first picture! (Really the second because you are going to use the original but whatever)

four pics 6