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Design me Baby!

Haha so I actually had some fun with this assignment because I was just randomly taking pictures in the metro stations and it was just really fun. Some of the girls here helped me decide which pictures to take and we just laughed the whole time.

I hope you guys like the ones I chose. I think that each one works well with the design element I chose.

I don’t speak French so I can’t translate for you but I think we can get the gist of two of them at least; but if anyone knows what the third one says. let me know!

Slide2 Slide3 Slide1


1) Proportion:

Proportion is the size of an ad and some of it’s items compared to the rest of the ad; in design proportion is used to bring attention to certain items in an ad while also taking the attention away from the rest of the ad. This does not mean that the rest of the ad shouldn’t be pleasing to the eye, just that it should not be the focus.

I believe that the ad I found is a good example of this, because the background and even the lettering on the ad is very pretty and pleasing to the eye, but the bottles of drinks and even the price of them is what a viewer will focus on.


2) Dominance:

Dominance is the item in a design that is meant to draw a viewer’s eye first. It has to be the first thing they see when they look at an ad. Again this does not mean that the rest of the ad isn’t important, just that the dominate item is meant to bring viewers to the ad. In this ad, the T-Rex and the word Dinosaurs are the dominating object, but the other animals and the other wording as still important to really understand the ad. Since Dinosaurs are very popular with people, this was a very good decision by the designers for the ad.

3) Color: 

Color is a common design that can be very good for a cause or business but if used wrong , the color can really hurt the idea it was trying to bring across.

The use of color can be bold, like this ad, or it can be simple and minimal.

The use of the sort of Rose Red color for this ad was actually a great choice. Red is a color that grabs and holds people’s attention .

The white of the background is actually a key element to this ad because too much color would not only take away from the ad itself but would also be chaotic for the viewers. The white and the red was a great choice and they accomplish the purpose of the ad.