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And We’re Almost There……!

I chose this daily create, the halfway point, because I think it really symbolizes the way people think.

Half way through the year.
Half way through the year.

At this point in time we are neither closer to the beginning or the end. Some would say that this is the best place to be, others would disagree and say that the beginning or the ending is better. But everyone gets to this point more times than they realize.

There is halfway through the day, half way through food/drink or money, then halfway through a week, month, or year. There are so many halfway points that you have to ask yourselves which ones are important or are they all important.

As a college student, I honestly believe that the halfway point in a full year doesn’t mean much to us. To us in the States, the year hasn’t even begun, while those in other countries, like Japan for example, they do start school at the beginning of the year in January, so this is still the halfway point for them. Does that make this day more significant? Or less?

To me, at this point in my life, I find that being halfway done with money or clothes before I run out to be more important or worrisome. I don’t think that being halfway done with the year as being meaningful, we have more years right?

I chose the picture of the notebook calender because I thought it showed well that even though the year is almost over, people still have plans ahead of time for what they are going to do. The fact that the year is coming to an end doesn’t really change anyone’s day-to-day life, people still go on like it’s any other day.

I think I sort of rambled with this post but I hope you guys understood where I was coming from and trying to go.

Let me know what you think?

Halfway to France!
Halfway to France!

This pic was just for fun, I took it on the plan, they had this cool map that told you how far you traveled and how much more you still have to go.

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