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Giving and Getting

I actually didn’t receive that much feedback, but I do know that the one I really found helpful was the one left on my weekly summary for the first week.

It was basically a helpful hint on how to find and save the assignment pages. I found that so helpful this week! It was so much easier to find the assignments and come back to them! So thank you to whoever put that in my comments.

I really enjoy looking at Anna Cotuna’s blog. I find it simple and yet elegant, plus it’s usually really interesting! She had a really pretty picture of flowers this week! The only thing I would suggest to her is that she try to warn people that she is using a Mac and certain soft-wares’ when she gives explanations that way people know that whatever they have or use may be different and her ways may not work for them.

But other than that, I think she has a great blog! Good job Anna!

Link to her Blog : http://www.goodnesss.com/