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DS106 1st Week Hell


So everything that could go wrong when you take an online class went wrong for me, which is why I am posting this so late.

I recently moved into a new apartment and got a new internet provider. My internet has been going in and out ever since I moved in, and then has gone completely out. They came to fix it and it didn’t even work for a day. So now  I am rushing to get this all done, not being able to find anything on the DS106 website, and then also having to prepare for a study abroad trip to Paris that I am leaving for in about 13 hours.

About the class, I think its great! I think if I could actually find the pages f(PLEASE SOMEONE GUIDE ME IN THIS!) or the assignments and find the work that goes along with them, I would have a much easier time.

The assignments, the ones I’ve chosen and the ones we all have to do, actually aren’t that hard. I usually just have to seek the help of Google and then I understand what to do or how to do it.

The only assignment I had a hard time with was the DAMN (sorry for my language but I’m trying to get my point across) Hippie Picture that was a daily create. Otherwise I think I did okay.

I know that my storytelling could use a little work. I need to add more about what inspires me and why I do the things I do, but sometimes it just comes to me and its hard to explain why. Other times its as simple as stating that I love Disney and that I love Beauty and the Beast! (The bringing Disney into focus daily create was my favorite by far)

I feel that I need to work on my storytelling but other than that I think I did very well completing all the requirements for the assignments, but I am biased. (But hey, I did have original titles, pictures, screenshots, explanations, and even links: I think the only thing I was missing was the detailed storytelling)

I am learning so much with this class; how to create screenshots, how to create meme’s, and even how to sort of delete a pictures background. I think this class has a lot to offer and I’m going to stick with it til the end, no matter how frustrated I get. Ha-Ha

I really want to hear about what the others did and what troubles you all had so I don’t feel alone!


The next time I post, I will either be on my way to Paris or already there! You can bet that I will be putting up pictures and focusing on what I learn in Paris for any posts that I can!



Links to Work:

– Daily Create #1:

140621-143656 140621-143643

– Daily Create #2:


Twilight heads to Venice 2


– Daily Create #3:




– Daily Create #4:


Hippie Photo


– Visual Assignments #1: Shakespearean LOLcat


Big Shakespearean Kitty


– Visual Assignments #2: Bringing Disney into Focus


rose from beauty and the beast 2 Blur and Color change


– Gardner Campbell:


– Michael Wesch:


– DS106 LowDown 001: