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To Make or Not to Make that Difference

Gardner Campell’s article and speech about the need to further education as well as further the use of the advancements created by the internet, really moved me.

Some of his speech and article I didn’t understand but his speech was much better than the article. He was very personal and easier to understand.

I love how he spoke of fascinating things that I hadn’t even heard of, like the milla computer that can be carried inside a pocket! And then he brings up the cons of this product, “milla computing crime” is how he phrased it I believe.

It was great and I really agree.

There are so many advancements to learning created/helped with the internet that so many things get lost.

I think he had so many good points while using great language and analogies (using Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice).

I would love what others think about the pros and cons he brought up? Do you also agree that sometimes people worry too much about the bad that could happen? How about the disruptions?



Gardner Campbell