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More to Smart than We Thought….

I really enjoyed this video. I think Michael Wesch brings up some very good points, all of which are true. I would love to meet him and discuss it further.

What he is saying is that in today’s society and world, just being book smart or just street smart, isn’t enough. People today need a combination of the two, by only focusing on teaching students or anyone, just one type of smart, you are actually lessening their advantages.

I agree. I believe that there are many people out there that can tell so many intellectual facts but not know how to boil a pot of water or how to sew a button back on, which these type of things may not seem very important but both are a part of everyday lives and will help in the future.

There are also those who know how make the perfect pancake or how to remodel a car but can’t tell you who their member of Congress is; again this is information that is vital to everyday going on’s in life, making it just as important to know.

I really enjoyed this video and I hope others do to.



Extra Brownie points for those who can guess who these characters are!