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Happy Birthday to GNA!


I want to wish @DrGracia a very Happy Birthday!
I hope the rest of her college career goes well!

I decided to make a birthday card with books on it to represent her college life and all the books she’s had to read and review. I imagine she has spent so many hours going through bookshelves, that she now has favorites that she keeps going back to. I also added in some color for her GNA name, because she’s incredible and shines color!

I hope she likes it! If she sees it!

I made the ecard, electronic card, by searching “books card” in google images.

How I made the GNA birthday card


I then copied and pasted the picture I chose, by selecting the image, selecting view image, then right clicking on it and choosing copy image. (NOT COPY IMAGE URL)

I then added the GNA, with each letter in a different color, and saved it!


I chose a simple design with a simple layout because I imagine GNA as a simple person who doesn’t have much time for flashy but enjoys the laid back time she can get. I was inspired by her twitter posts about college and the work she has done, with working on her dissertation and her research. But I think she also has a great personality so I added some hot and bright colors to represent that aspect of her.