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Anything I want, Anything at all…!

I chose this daily create because I can take a picture of anything I want! I mean, Hello!

This can show people how you are feeling or what your thinking at the time of the photo or post. Or it can be totally random, or you can just be screwing with people’s heads. That is the fun of it. You can make it meaningful or just simple, either way people will think about it and try to figure it out. They will try to understand why you posted this picture.

The picture I chose actually has real meaning to me. Again it has to do with a certain Disney movie.

Beauty and the Beast in French! Close up!
Beauty and the Beast in French! Close up!

I love Beauty and the Beast. I know some people mention the love story and the fact that it probably has to do with Stockholm syndrome but I love the story. The good, the bad, and the love; I love everything about it. I don’t just see a love story or the Stockholm; but I see people that learn to change and grow, people that do fall in love but that also become friends. In the end they are better together and they take care of the others around them. I love Beauty and the Beast not just for the Love story but for the morals it teaches us. Plus the cast is phenomenal!

I was on the Metro in Paris and I saw this poster and I literally exclaimed and pointed at it for my friends to look at. They thought I was crazy but we’re crazy together!

This play has special meaning to me because I first saw it live last year for my 20th birthday with my best friend. We had a road trip together, singing disney and pitch perfect all the way. Then we had Indian for the first time, it was amazing, and then we saw the show. It was a perfect day and I will always cherish it. If I can manage to see this show, even though its in French, I will be so happy!

I hope others enjoy this picture! Even if you don’t like the movie/concept/book/fairytale, I hope you can appreciate this post.

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