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The Old and the New Can of Coke

Old Coke Can Old Can of Coke (Hot Fudge)


I chose to create a old/vintage photo of a Coke can because I think Coke is universal and that most people can recognize it.

The thought of a vintage coke can is also fun because it would be so old, probably rusted, but still it survived.

This coke can isn’t actually old but I do think that the pictures came out nice.

I took the picture with my phone, it was a friend’s can, and then used the same website I used to create the blur for the Disney into Focus assignment: Picture Effects.

I just messed around with the color of the photo until I found one I liked and thought could work for old. I also tried to blur the background of this photo, to add an emphasis on the coke can, but I don’t think it worked out very well.