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Sometimes Alone but Never Lonely…..

Lonely Chickens!

There once was a group of chickens that all lived together peacefully and happily, but there was one chicken that could never seem to join in on the fun. This one chicken always seemed to be alone; she could never find the others. The other chickens were confused by this because they were always there, always around the one lonely chicken but the lonely chicken never seemed to look in their direction. The problem with the lonely chicken was that she always looked for the other chickens in the wrong direction at the wrong time, she was never truly alone, all she had to do was look down the other path.

(This is for a Daily Create. I created the picture using one of the pictures I have taken in France, so these are some French Chickens, lol. But then I just opened the picture with the Paint software and added the lettering. I thought it made a good story.)