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Am I rousing your interest?

Daily Create 923

So for this daily create you were supposed to upload a picture that would rouse the public interest but I didn’t think the public would just be interested in the sadness of the world so I decided to add a happier picture! :)

This is actually a picture I took for Bastille Day, which the French do not call Bastille Day. The Fireworks were incredible and I think everyone should experience them someday! They beat even Disney Fireworks and I didn’t think anything could ever do that! The French do themes every year and this year was war and peace, it was incredible. (Though if you ever do go, go early! As in 5 or 6 hours early and just picnic! Its get very crowded and seating becomes an issue!)

This picture was taken as the sun was going down and right before the show started!

I hope some of you are roused by this!