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Folding Multiple Ways

So for the TEDxPhoenix Talk I chose the youtube video “Organic Origami”.

Organic Origami

I chose this video, again because I am Asian and really anything Asian interests me, but also because I am terrible at Origami! Sometimes I can make the shapes, simple ones like a box or square, but it takes me forever. Other times, no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get it right, like the crane shapes.

This was a very interesting and informative video! I didn’t know that the method of using only one sheet of paper with folding and no cutting was the more modern approach. I thought this was the only way and that it could be traced back hundred of years!

Apparently not! Origami used to be used with multiple pieces of paper as well as cutting and/or folding. There is even a method used with metal!

I think it’s interesting that mathematicians came up with a theorem┬áthat can be adapted to a shape and different sizes, then plugged into a computer, and voila! The computer tells you how to create that shape and what folds are needed.

This was a fantastic video and I recommend it to anyone! Even if your not interested in Origami, this is still a fun video and you learn a lot!