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The Guide to Easy Design using Paint

First of all for this class I have found Paint to be useful than I have ever thought it to be.

Step 1:  to using Paint for any of the assignments is to know what you are looking for. You need the picture you want to edit or add to.

Step 2: Copy (Ctrl C) and the Paste (Ctrl V) onto a new page of Paint; or Open your picture using Paint.

Step 3: Next change the size of your photo if need be, enlarge or shrink.

Step 4: Now you can add text to your picture.

– 1: to do this, you need to hit the A in the menu with the pencil and selection tools. Doing this will give you the option to type.

– 2: pick where you what your text to be, enlarge or shrink the space later when you are done and know how much space you need

– 3: Now you can change the font, style, and color of your text to suit your picture.

–1) to do this all you need to do is select all your text, Paint will usually not let you change each word or words to separate styles, they must all remain the same

–2) now you can change the size of the font and the style of font one after the other; to change the size select the number tool and increase or decrease as you wish. To change the style of the font, select the letter tool right about the number tool, and then just choose which style you like

–3) to change the color of the font, select the A tool with the color bar underneath it, this is to the right of the number tool, then select the color that best matches your picture.

Step 5: Saving the Picture

This part can be a bit hard but once you do it the first time the computer will usually save your setting.

To save this pictures so you can add them to your blog and flicker and then to other social media,

– 1: Select the top left menu button

– 2: Select SAVE AS

– 3: towards the bottom of this screen, it should say “Save as Type”, you want to change this to JPEG, which is pictures.

– 4: Name your saved picture whatever will help you to remember what it’s for and then make sure you save it where you will find it! (I made this mistake so many times in and out of this class)

And Voila! You should have a designed picture for this class! Whether it be for an assignment or for a daily create!

I hope these steps are easy for everyone to understand!

Some of my work using Paint for this class:

Philisophy Quote 918 Daily Create 923 Small Provincial Town 919 Lonely Chickens! sun-rising and quote 2 cows joke Matt Smith Reading @DrGarcia