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A Very Rough Week 4 to say the least.

So I know my blog post for this is a little late but to be honest I had started it before and am only just now getting around to posting it.

I know I mentioned that I was studying abroad in Paris this month and I didn’t think it would get in the way of my work for this class, and it hadn’t up until last week.

This is what happened last week…

My roommate and I just had sooo many bug bites, at first  I just thought that these were mosquito bites but then they started to SWELL and get BIGGER! And sooo itchy. Then my roommate started to get them as well and we discovered we had bed bugs! Paris isn’t all that clean, we all know that, but bed bugs really?! I know bed bugs can appear even in a very clean home/place but we are living in a dorm where people are coming and going all the time, you would think that they would protect against this.

So we had to first get the people that run the dorms to believe that we actually had bed bugs, which required a angry phone call from the leader of our program here in France, and then we had to move. But before we moved, we had to CLEAN ALL of our things! This took forever! And who knew that the middle of the week was a popular time to do laundry in Paris? We ended up staying up until 2AM washing all of our things, which sucked even more for me because I had just done laundry and now had to pay for it again.

Then we had to do paperwork and actually move to the new room. But guess what? There was only one shower in this new building and it was clogged, so now we had to go outside and travel to another building to just take a shower! Oh Paris…..this made me want to beg for my own home in the states.

But now I am working on catching up with my blog posts as well as my homework for my class here, because of course we weren’t able to move our computers first and we also didn’t have internet in our room for the first couple of days.

It’s hard to remember what I actually did for this class as so much was going on at the time but I do know that I learned how to make movies from clips on my computer using software I already had! That was fun, though it was also the most complicated to learn and complete so I can’t be sure if I will do it again any time soon.

I hope you guys enjoy my work!

Links to work:

Daily Create 1:


Small Provincial Town 919

Daily Create 2:


Philisophy Quote 918

Daily Create 3:


Garden Growing daily Create

Daily Create 4:


Daily Create 923

Look, Listen, and Analyze:


Oceans 13

Reading Movies:


Video Assignment 1:


Video Assignment 2:


Chaplin Edit:



Create and Complete Assignment 1:


Pics of places to go

Create and Complete Assignment 2:


Tutorial 1:



* Some of my Bug Bites in case any of you were wondering how serious I was

2014-07-09 22.14.44 2014-07-09 22.14.48 2014-07-09 22.14.56 2014-07-09 22.15.00 2014-07-09 22.15.06 2014-07-09 22.15.10 2014-07-09 22.15.13 2014-07-09 22.15.17 2014-07-09 22.15.30 2014-07-09 22.15.31 2014-07-09 22.15.35 2014-07-09 22.14.23 2014-07-09 22.14.30 2014-07-09 22.14.31 2014-07-09 22.14.36 2014-07-09 22.14.40

Three weeks….Really?!

So the three weeks that we have been in this class has flown by! I can’t even remember what we’re supposed to do every week, it goes by so fast!

I had a very hard time with this weeks assignments because I haven’t ever really done anything with audio, besides buy it. So it was very interesting to learn how to edit the sounds and then mash them together to create something new. After playing around with Audacity, I think I managed to create some good stuff, and it was even fun.

I would say that the hardest thing for me was learning how to use Audacity because there isn’t a manual or a guide to help you learn how to do everything, not that I think I did everything there is to with Audacity, but I tried. I messed up a few times and had to do a few of the assignments over because I didn’t know how to save them at first, but I did learn how to export them so it all worked out.

Learning how to edit sounds was the most interesting to me; learning how to clip them and then create something entirely new was so much fun.

The inspiration behind most of my work this week was trying incorporate as much from my trip and the people I have met here as possible; I have met some amazing and brilliant people on this trip and they have helped me in some way with so much since we’ve been here. We had a lot of laughs working and just being together so if I can dedicate any of my work to them, I sincerely do.

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Daily Create 1:


sun-rising and quote


Daily Create 2: 


Cucumber eating Squash

Daily Create 3:


Old Can of Coke (Hot Fudge) Old Coke Can

Daily Create 4:


Lonely Chickens!


SoundCloud Acct. Blog:


Foley Sounds:


Sound Effects Story:


Audio Assignments 1:


Audio Assignments 2:


Second DOWN!

We are done with our second week! I almost can’t believe it!

I feel like this week was so much easier and smoother than last week! I think a major part of that was that I could actually find that assignments this week and didn’t have to go searching for them for hours, but I do also think that part of it was that I could really understand the directions this time.

I am not sure if I followed the directions right for these assignments, since they were design and not visual, but I think I did it right. We’ll see.

I think what I learned the most this week was how to create pictures using Powerpoint. I used it for my face on animals project, for the read project, and even for the safari project. It was great! It’s easy and I think will be used many times!

The only thing I really struggled with this week was the editing of the faces on the animals, even searching for how to do it on the internet, I couldn’t find a way to do it with the software on my system. But I hope someone  on here will help me out with that.

I hope everyone likes my assignments and I also hope someone/someones can answer my questions about how to do some of this stuff!

I am a Google Queen but still had trouble figuring out how to do some of it all!

Links to work:

Design Safari:


Slide2 Slide3 Slide1

Design Assignment 1:


It’s not very good but I did work really hard on it, so I decided to use it for a grade anyway.

JD as a Raven!
JD as a Raven!
BC as an Otter!
BC as an Otter!


Design Assignment 2:


Matt Smith Reading

Design Assignment 3:



Daily Create 1:


Half way through the year.
Half way through the year.
Halfway to France!
Halfway to France!

Daily Create 2:


Beauty and the Beast in French! Close up!
Beauty and the Beast in French! Close up!

Daily Create 3:



Daily Create 4:


2 cows joke

TedxPhoenix Talks:


Giving and Getting: