BIG Shakespearean Kitty! LOLcat

I was looking through our options for Visual Assignments and found this! I just Had to make it! I’ve never made a meme before, but there is something to be said about Shakespeare and Cats are adorable! I just couldn’t resist.

Shakespearean Assignment

Link for Assignment:

I actually used a tutorial from someone else, (you can find it in the submissions so far section of this assignment page), because I had never made a meme before. It was sooo easy! Just chose a quote, chose a pic, upload the pic on the website, copy and paste the quote, name it, and your done! SO easy! It was great and took less than 30 minutes to finish, I highly recommend the tutorial for anyone doing this assignment.

Instructions on how to create Memes Tutorial Link


Link for Video:

I chose the quote “Can one desire too much of a good thing?” from As You Like It (Act IV, Scene I), because I thought it would be just too funny to add it to one of those fat lovable cats, and thats just what I did. 

Step 1: Shakespearean Quotes

Find a Quote Link:

Step 2: Shakespearean Cats

Find a Cat Pic Link:

Step 3: Make a Meme

imgur Link:

I don’t know if I’m completing this blog post right but I’m hoping for the best. Let me know what you guys think and I hope you get a chuckle out of my Big Shakespearean Kitty!

Shakespearean LOLcat

Big Shakespearean Kitty

1 thought on “BIG Shakespearean Kitty! LOLcat

  1. I love the image and the quote, I like how you mixed shakespeare and a cat together. You should have put the image directly into your post. You could have save it to your computer and then uploaded it to the post itself. Take a look at the grading rubric, you are still in the developing phase for your Bog Blog Affordances (except you title is Accomplished), Media Created for Assignment and Narration of Creative Process
. I am glad you found the instructions on how to do it so easy but you should have take screenshots of how you did and combine the instructions you used with your screen shots. In addition you should have linked to the original instructions for emphasis. Your Narration of Idea and Storytelling Elements is more accomplished for the pure fact you told us about where the quote came from and how it fit into the cat. But you could have pushed it even further by giving a story how the cat actually was a Shakespearean Kitty and how Shakespeare really wrote about the kitty instead.

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