Cucumber Munching on Some Squash

Cucumber eating Squash


Once upon a time there was a Cucumber. This Cucumber was tired from the hot sun and very hungry. The Cucumber was trying to be good and wait for the Farmer to come and give him some dirt and water but as the time passed and the Farmer never came, the Cucumber got more and more hungry. The Cucumber started to notice all the other vegetables around him, and right across from him was a nice yellow Squash. The Squash, oblivious to it’s fate, was resting in the warm sun. The Cucumber, finally losing control, reached over and took a large bite out of the squash, and alas, the Squash was no more. But the family of the Squash got their revenge the next day when the Farmer decided to have Cucumber with dinner.

(I couldn’t actually take a picture of any vegetables eating something, so I just created this using paint. I think the story was actually pretty original, but cute. ha-ha)

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