Disney Wisdom

For this Daily Create, you had to chose a picture of someone you thought was wise and then attach a quote.

Being a BIG fan of Disney, I of course chose a quote from him.

Disney with Quote


The story behind this daily create, at least for the one I have made, is that I love books and I love reading. I believe that reading can take people to places that they can never imagine or even think of; these places don’t have to be actual towns or cities, but they can also be places of feeling, where someone feels the loss of a child when in fact they have no children; where someone can feel the rain on their face when it’s a bright and sunny day. I love books and Walt Disney was one of those people who could bring a book to life, sure he changed it to fit the audience and himself, but that didn’t usually change how we felt about his work.

I really enjoyed this daily create and I’m happy it was one of the last ones I created.

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