Hip Hip Hooray!….NOT

Okay so I had a VERY HARD TIME with this daily create. It seemed simple but after taking the picture it was anything but! If anyone else had an easier time with it let me know!

So what I did was a took a picture:

14537992592_434728c93c_o (1)

This is me with my best sort of stoner/hippie face. Haha I had my aunt and uncle tell me how to make it; that should tell you a little bit about me.


Then I searched for how to replace a background because I thought I would just add a tie-dye background and be okay. NOPE

I had to follow all this directions from this site.


(I’ll add the link and screenshots for those who want to try it but it worked the first time for me but not the others, I had to do it again because I lost my peace sign)

There are all these different ways to do it and was very complicated, but hey, it might work for you.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 12 Step 11 Step 10 Step 9


I even had a background picture picked out.

How I made the GNA birthday card Hippie Background


But alas, this did not work, so my inspiration for this sort of became “I just wanna be done” frustrated.

I still had the orginal picture

14537992592_434728c93c_o (1)


But I still wanted to add color to mimic that hippie vibe so I just use Paint and added cool colorful shapes, so I could have the color and weird vibe I was going for.

I hope people at least appreciate this and maybe even like it.

Hippie Photo

Think of a the shapes as swirling objects only hippie’s see. :)

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