LLA for Ocean’s 13!

I chose to Look, Listen, and Analyze Ocean’s 13, the scene with Rusty, Danny, and Oprah. I chose this scene because I couldn’t really remember it and wanted to try something sorta new for this project.

I love the first movie! The sequels were not at all as good, I haven’t even really seen the 3rd one yet, but the first one was so great. The perfect amounts of wit, class, action, romance, and humor. Great movie!

Step 1: Camera Work

The Lighting is dim and kinda dark during the whole scene, showing the signs of danger and anxiety that Danny is feeling.

During the first half, Danny is on the left, the negative side, and Rusty is on the right, the positive side. I think this is because Danny has bad news and Rusty came to him with mostly good news. Also, since this whole scheme was Danny’s idea, he could be seen as the negative influence on the entire group while Rusty is the one trying to keep everyone together.

It is only when you get the view of Rusty and Danny standing side by side that you notice that Rusty is wearing dark colors while Danny is wearing light colors. Also during this view, Rusty, in the dark colors, in now on the left, while Danny, in the light colors is now on the right. During this view, you can’t actually see their faces or anything to distinguish the two; I think this could mean that they are both light and dark, both of them have the negative and positive within them and you never know which one your going to get.

Step 2: Analyze the Audio

It’s a while before any of the talking actually begins, the characters seem to be really at ease and comfortable with each other; showing how good of friends they are.

Then there is barely any speaking once they start watching Oprah together. I think that this shows how they are both using Oprah to get away from their current problems and instead focusing on the good that is happening to someone else.

Step 3: Put it All Together

I think that main important fact I noticed while both watching and listening to this scene is how well they work together.

The dimness of the room combined with their not speaking, adds to the emotional the characters feel during the scene and how comfortable they are with each other.

That’s all I really noticed that I didn’t notice before.

Oceans 13

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