You Have Always Counted

For my Final Project for this class I decided to branch out into another of my fandoms and nerdiness than I have previously shown. I decided to create a story using the characters Sherlock and Molly from the BBC tv show called Sherlock; but you need not have seen the show to follow this story. Here goes, I hope you guys like it…

In the Beginning, their relationship was purely about work. She worked in the morgue and he was a consulting detective for Scotland Yard, so essentially she discovered how/when they died and he handled the  why/where/and by whom. Then slowly their relationship started to change, to grow. Molly found the courage to start asking Sherlock out for coffee or the like but he never seemed to understand what she was saying, but he was like that, he didn’t know much of anything about social activities other than what helped him in his work; it’s not that Molly couldn’t appreciate this, she only had a cat at home so its not like she was high up on society terms.


So Molly decided to try and go out on other dates with other men, none of this ever panning out the way she wanted. They were never him, never Sherlock; but Sherlock wasn’t interested and Molly kept her feelings to herself.


Molly and Tom

Then something….changed. Sherlock became more friendly, more human in his emotions. Sherlock started to bring Molly coffee for a change. Sherlock eventually told Molly that she counted, she mattered, and he even apologized for taking so long to realize it.


As the years passed and Sherlock and Molly grew even closer and stayed together, she often wondered, was there relationship just a working one?

Sherlock and Molly

or was it always something more?

Sherlock and Molly 2


Then she would look into his eyes as he explained his recent findings to her, whether they be for a case or for his own or their own research, and think to herself that it was always more.



So that’s my final project! I hope everything liked it! I used everything I’ve learned and I think it went well!




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