It was Really an Enchanted Rose

I chose this assignment, Putting Disney into Focus, because I love Disney! Who doesn’t?!

I chose the Rose from Beauty and the Beast because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and I believe that the Rose is used as a symbol of love, growth, and change (As a Romantic, I value these very highly, haha). As the rose reaches it’s end of life, the Beast grows, learns to love and how to be loved, and he changes not only from a beast to man but from a selfish and spoiled boy into a caring and giving man.

I decided to not only to blur the background, which took forever to figure out how to do, but also to change the color scheme so the only color in the picture is the Red Rose itself, everything else in the picture is grey. I decided to do this to not only focus on the rose but to highlight it’s significance to me and the movie.

rose from beauty and the beast 2 Blur and Color change rose from beauty and the beast 2 blur Rose from Beauty and the Beast 2


These pics range from blur and color change, to just blur, to the original picture.


I am also adding the website and instructions I used to complete the blurring effect.

Link for Blurring How to Blue


I hope others have an easier time with this than I did! Haha, I tried three different ways to blur but this website,, was the easiest and best way.

Link to Assignment:

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