Twilight heads to Venice!

For this Daily Create, I decided to be a bit fun and silly.

Twilight heads to Venice 2

I chose Twilight by Stephenie Meyer and Thunder at Twilight by Frederic Morton.

Twilight synopsis from Google for those that don’t know what the book is about.



Thunder at Twilight synopsis for those that don’t know what this book is about.

Thunder at Twilight


I chose these two books because  the thought of the famous Cullen family from Twilight going to/being in Venice right before WWI just made me giggle.

I believe that if the two authors Meyer and Morton came together to write a book the book would have supernatural characters, from Meyer, and historical significance from Venice. The plot would involve how the characters struggled to hide who they really were during this time when everyone was under suspicion; how the characters fought to live and love during these difficult times. There would be scenes of action, between supernatural characters and between the main characters and those who found out there secret; love scenes, anguish and dramatic moments, moments of happiness and moments of sadness; all of these moments would have hidden historical facts and buildings. The story would ultimately end with the characters coming out ahead, surviving the war, and having a happy ending.

Let me know what you guys think!

1 thought on “Twilight heads to Venice!

  1. This was a really good daily create. You explained your decision on the books that you picked, you gave a link to a book that not everybody can be and explained everything really well.

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